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genten goes the journey together with you to your core to find your origin, your roots and your strength. Because your true strength lies in your core.

"げんてん"(gen-ten) is the Japanese word for "point of origin". It can be written in Chinese letters as 原点 (gen-ten). The reason writing the company name in Hiragana, the very original and unique Japanese alphabet should not only show respect to this country and its rich culture but also to remind every day that when the job is not done properly for the sake of our partner company, our service can immediately become a 減点(gen-ten), meaning "minus point".

The two words sound almost similar but are pronounced slightly different. And the slight difference makes a huge difference especially in cross-cultural business. By writing the name in Hiragana instead of using Chinese letters it is hard to guess which of the two is meant. Hiragana is phonetical so which genten is meant cannot be verified until you hear a explanation and see the whole context.

genten LLC is committed to be the bridge for non-Japanese partner companies to enter and expand their business in Japan. The partner company should be able to concentrate in their origin, their original skills and products, the source where their core strength lies beneath. genten will support the best way possible to translate this strength into the Japanese market. 

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