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Trusted Partners we work together to add value to our clients' products and services.


Mag. Florian Glatt-Wodzynski Consulting

Active in the Austian open innovation ecosystem providing expertise both to corporates and startups building new businesses and finding the right technology partner.

Strength: access to startups, universities, research facilities. Innovation consulting.


SeiConsulting GmbH

Based on their experience living and have worked in Japan for 25 years they offer their expertise and network in Austria, Germany and Japan to make the market entry of European companies into the Japanese market a success


Strength: Inter-cultural coaching, consulting

Interested to learn more? Find more details on the website here.



Amplify Japan GK (合同会社)

Strong experience in engineering and manufacturing industry Amplify Japan has helped numerous Japanese corporate in finding innovative startups and technologies.

Strength: startups scouting for corporates, innovation trend scouting, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship

Interested to learn more? Find more details on the website here.


Stein Corporation

From nurturing start-up strategies to consulting with world-class corporations, Stein bridges the gap between international companies and cultures to create solid strategic partnerships.

through their exquisite tourism service Deeper Japan they provide insight into the traditional Japanese culture.

Strength: organisation of startup accelerators and pitch events, inbound tourism, business matching, revitalization of the rural regions in Japan.

See more details on their website here.


LCUBE Consulting LLC

Definitely your experts when it comes to IP related questions. More than 40 years of combined expertise in the Japanese market with a strong connection to Italy.

See more details on their website here.



Mag. Florian Glatt-Wodzynski Consulting

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Pyrkergasse 15/7

A-1190 Vienna

+43 (0)1 368 53 61

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